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Go to for decent quality full length mp3 versions of 7 songs off the album.  You can also become my myspace friend.  How fun.

In Seattle you can pick up copies of this CD at Sonic Boom Records in Ballard and Capital Hill and at Silver Platters locations in Queen Anne, Crossroads in Bellevue and Northgate Mall.  

Thanks so much to all my fans and everyone who's bought an album or shown me the love.  You keep me going.  

An album for the ages.  This one will surely be enjoyed on future space voyages to distant galaxies by cosmonauts of taste.  You may listen to snippets by clicking the snocap store below.  Download these suckers for instant gratification.  

Buy the CD
GNARLENE: Blood And Treasure
click to order

E-mail for super deals on 5 or more CD's ($8.00 each).  Get 'em directly from me and we both win.  Sell 'em to your creepy friends for $12.00 and you just made $20.00.  I'll even sign the suckers.  This first pressing contains a misprint which will increase their collector value considerably.  Get 'em before they're gone step-child.  

Say, take a gander at this here brand new video I done made with my dear friend Punchy Panda and a whole gang of skeevy- assed crackheads

(thanks friends)

Eat Your Bamboo

Radical music video for She's Got A Fast One.  Easily the best music video ever created for under $55.00

Video for Punchy Punchy Panda.  Way better than that dumb Kung Fu Panda movie


May your eye never hunger for beauty

Gnarlene exposes it's diseased brain tissues for your warped pleasure. 
Check out this nifty crapola and tell all your creepy little friends, too.


Hey!  It's Gnarlene's Scary Times Mental Activity Funbook on the world wide interweb thingbob.

A very psycho war diary.  Now out of print but you can read the whole dang thing here. It will alter your brain.


Gnarlene's fagtastic CD

"That's So Gay!"

Gnarlene's freaky first CD from 2003

Extra fun queer music for the new millennium.

For Sale on by clicking the link above.


Baby Rikketts Photo Album

Gnarlene's precocious daughter Rikketts in her first feature length web thingy.

Rikketts is sadly dead now but we will always not forget her.

Gay Supremacy Now!

Strident manifestos.
Shameless shirt promotions. 

Freak out your neighbors and get your FBI file growing.

Dang links is broke here so if'n you wanna t-shirt e-mail me.  I still got some.



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